What are windows Define Location of windows

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What are windows

The arrangements made for natural ventilation and the entrance of sunlight in the rooms of buildings are called windows. They also enable the inmates to have vision outside the building and are usually made of timber. The window with one shutter is called single leafed window and that with two leaves or shutters is called a double leafed window and so on.

What are windows
                                                  What are windows

Define Location of windows

Windows located on the north side would be highly effective. The following factors should be considered while deciding the location of windows in a building:

c) Windows should be located opposite to each other or opposite to the door, wherever possible.

d) The sill of a window should preferably be placed at a height of 800mm from the floor level. In residential buildings situated just near public places like cinema halls, shopping centres or where the privacy of the rooms on ground floors is necessary, sill of the window should be placed at a higher level which may be about 2m above ground

e) Windows should be located in such a way that they should fulfil the requirements of distribution of light, control of ventilation, privacy etc.

The windows made of metal like steel, bronze and aluminium are called metal windows, Mild steel windows are extremely used these days but the use of bronze and aluminium windows is restricted to important windows only because of the high cost material. These can be directly fixed the reveals of the opening or they may be housed in the wooden frame.

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Advantages windows

1. The finishing and appearance of metal windows is better than that of wooden windows,
That is why they are constructed superior to wooden windows,
2. They do not decay when subjected to alternate dry and wet conditions,
3. They are quite durable
4. They are not subjected to expansion and contraction of joints due to alternate dry and wet conditions.
5. They are free from fire hazards,
6. The size of the openings can be reduced by providing these windows without reducing the prescribed area for light and ventilation.
7. The maintenance cost of these windows is almost nil.

Disadvantages windows

1. The initial cost of metal windows is more.
2. They are heavy in weight and are, therefore, difficult to handle and fixing.

Differentiate  Between doors and windows

Doors are provided to have free and easy access inside and outside the rooms of a building, while windows are provided to achieve natural ventilation and entrance of daylight inside the rooms of a building. Both of the doors and windows are provided in order to provide better access to the nature and natural essence of it.

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